All Fiorentini + Baker leather products are vegetable tanned.

Vegetable tanning is the process of turning animal hides into leather.

This process uses natural vegetable tannins to alter the structure of the hides. Organically strengthening, preserving and giving colour whilst transforming the hides into a durable, hard wearing leather.

Organic tannins can be found in much of nature from fruits, seeds & plants. For example, the unique taste of wine is derived from tannins found in grape production.

With Fiorentini + Baker vegetable tanned leather products, tree bark, leaves & roots are most favored for vegetable tanning due to their high concentration of characteristic tannins.

Layers of Fiorentini + Baker vegetable tanned leather. Fiorentini + Baker, made in Italy and made to last.

The origins of vegetable tanning can be traced back over centuries. Humans would travel great, tough distances in search of food and water. Vegetable tanning would be used to create strong, enduring bodily protecting footwear that supported and withstood these harsh journeys.

Vegetable tanning is a long, drawn-out, highly-skilled process. Due to the time and skills required this process is not mass produced and has remained almost identical over the centuries.

These origins resonate to this day with  Fiorentini + Baker vegetable tanned leather products being artisan made in Italy. Artfully produced by Master Tanners who pass down their skills through generations, crafting products that are made to last and stand the test of time.

Fiorentini + Baker Master Tanner hard at work. Fiorentini + Baker, made in Italy and made to last.

There are many advantages of vegetable tanning. In comparison to other techniques, vegetable tanning does not contain toxic chemicals and produces a biodegradable leather.

Also, vegetable tanning creates a sturdier, thicker, more luxurious leather that ultimately enhances the quality of products in terms of touch, smell and feel.

Vegetable tanned leathers are more reliable and can absorb moisture better than other leathers. Due to the characteristic nature of Fiorentini + Baker tannins, vegetable tanned leather products enjoy a natural, earthy feeling and smell.

The artisan, made in Italy, made to last, process of Fiorentini + Baker vegetable tanned leather products is the same now as it has always been. Staying true to tradition, embracing generations of craftsmanship to create the best products with the least possible environmental impact.