Fiorentini + Baker is a prime example of excellence and beauty in Italian footwear. Passion for our work, sophistication in our design and attention to detail are the brand’s core values.

Our shoes are unique – symbolic of Italian artisanship, a trat synonymous with an era when craftmanship was king.

For over twenty years our artisans have been central to that production process.

Our desire to produce in Italy ensures beauty, whilst also showcasing the talents of artisans dedicated to the centuries’ old tradition of shoemaking in regions such as Le Marche, underpins our method of production.

This iconic footwear, designed by Deborah Baker is the footwear of artists, musicians, actors and irrepressible dreamers. The modern design, allied with style and comfort has long been the favourite of free spirits – inimitable and solely Made in Italy.

The distinctive style and that esteemed ‘Made in Italy’ stamp has made Fiorentini + Baker instantly recognisable worldwide.